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Clara Tuckey is a practicing artist, born and currently living in London, Ontario. Her work is based in textiles and photography, focusing on the individual’s intimate relationship with their surrounding natural environment. Through observation, research and memory, Clara seeks to understand historical implications of specific textiles and sewing techniques, as well as the deep connections between humans and nature; reinforcing an appreciation and recognition of the beautiful and finite intricacies of the earth in her work. Clara graduated from Fanshawe College’s Fine Art Advanced Diploma program in April 2021, and holds a Bachelor of Arts with specialization in English and Cultural Studies from the University of Western Ontario (2020). In combining these disciplines, Clara creates new, visual narratives through photography. Finished textiles or garments are placed outdoors or on the human body and photographed, juxtaposing the human-made textiles with the natural setting to create conflicting narratives that question the relationship between subject, object and setting.

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